Knocker Soccer
The Original Bubble Soccer Game

A slightly modified version of "The Beautiful Game". Players attempt to score goals against their opponents while keeping them from passing and shooting by knocking them around using their Knockerball bubbles. There are no goalies and no field positions, just good old-fashioned fun!

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Last Knocker Standing

Once the ref blows the whistle it's every man for himself in an attempt to be the last one left standing. When a player is knocked down, they exit the playing area and wait for the next round.

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Knocker Zombies

A slightly twisted version of Last Knocker Standing.

One player is the Zombie and starts in the middle of the playing area, and everyone else lines up along a sideline. When the ref blows the whistle everyone on a sideline attempts to run to the opposite side of the playing area while avoiding the zombie.
If the Zombie knocks someone down, that player also becomes a Zombie too and joins the original player in the middle. Play continues with more players joining in the center until only one person is left on the outside. This person is declared the winner.
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Kill The Chief

Players divide into two teams, with each team choosing one person to be the captain. When the ref blows the whistle each team attempts to knock down the opponent's captain as many times as possible during the round while still protecting their own captain. The winners are the team that scored the most knock-downs.

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King of the Ring

Cones are set up in a circle which limits the play area. The object is to knock every other player outside this circle without getting knocked out yourself. You can be knocked down inside the circle and remain in play, but once you leave the ring you are out and have to wait for the next round.

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When you play KnockerBrawl think of Area Control game modes from your favorite FPS video games. A set of pods (aka hula hoops) are set up around the playing area. Each team starts along an end-line of the area and when the ref blows the whistle they race to gain and hold control of as many pods as possible before time runs out by standing inside the pods and not getting knocked out.

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Knocker Bowling

Bowl with your friends! Literally! Four to eleven players set themselves in a triangle as pins on the opposite side of the field. One player as the bowling ball will run down the field to knock over the pins! The player with the most knocked-down pins wins!

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Knocker Race

Front Roll Knocker Race
Challenge your friends in a roll to the finish! All players line up at the starting line. When we blow the whistle, roll as fast as you can to the finish line! First one to the finish line wins.
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V.I.P Knocker

Love footbal? No suite of Knockerball games would be complete without a football like game.
Since your arms are occupied by the straps and handles of the suits, this game is the closest we can come. This is a team game where each team starts on their respective goal line. One team starts on offense and a V.I.P. is selected. The offensive team tries to get their V.I.P. across the opposing teams' goal line without getting knocked down by the other team. The rest of the offensive team is trying to block for the V.I.P. much like a football team blocking for their running back.
The first team to 3 points wins.
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