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Knockerball® is a single chamber inflatable bubble with inner handles and adjustable shoulder straps. The balls range from roughly 3.9 ft in diameter (1.2 Meters) all the way to 5.9 ft in diameter (1.8 Meters) and the size or fit is predicated on your height. Players enter by placing their upper body, head-first into the â�œdonut holeâ� at the base of the Knockerball®; then secure the ball to their body using the interior shoulder straps (much like a backpack), and hold on to the inside handles for stability and control.
Once inside, the Knockerball® acts as a protective barrier with the playerâ�™s head and entire upper body safely cushioned by the impenetrable plastic orb surrounding them. What makes a Knockerball® truly special, however, is that unlike a human hamster ball, the playerâ�™s legs are outside of the ball â�“ which allows them to run, jump, roll, kick and flip while being fully shielded from the thighs upâ�¦and thatâ�™s when the fun begins!

Players describe the sensation of playing Knockerball® as â�œalmost defying gravityâ�. Just imagine the freedom and mobility that a Knockerball® allows you to experience without putting any stress on the body. Itâ�™s amazing what you can do when you donâ�™t have to worry about getting hurtâ�¦ the spontaneity is truly exhilarating!

With two or more Knockerballs® the experience is catapulted into rip-roaring laughter that will keep you coming back for more! Organizing a KnockerBall bubble soccer game is a blast, but we will warn you, organized games generally break down into free-for-all chaos that results in laughing so hard your tummy hurts.

Knockerball® was founded in 2014 and has grown to be the world-leader in the industry; providing equipment, advocacy, and the opportunity for new entrepreneurs to start their own businesses around the world. We are proud to be instrumental in introducing one of the coolest products to come out in a long time to the U.S and elsewhere. Knockerball® or â�œbubble soccerâ� is a new and innovative sport and has been gaining so much traction that affiliates are opening up all over the worldâ�¦so isnâ�™t it time you â�œGET IN THE BALLâ� and see what youâ�™ve been missing?


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